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Commissions: Closed

Art provided is a digital file delivered via email at full-resolution, print-quality size unless otherwise requested. Please contact me to request a commission. If you’re interested in an existing piece of art, please visit the Fantasy Shop.

Non-Commercial Art

  • Inked image only, single character, no background: $15.00 | Example
  • Inked with full colour, single character, simple background: $30.00 | Example
    complex background: +$10.00
  • Painting with full-colour, single character, simple background: $60.00 | Example
    complex background: +$20.00

+$15.00 per additional character; and armour, tattoos, or weapons.

Pricing is based on humanoid characters. If you are requesting fantasy creatures such as dragons, centaurs, etc., please add $20.00 to all prices.

Watercolour Cards

Busts drawings only, inked and painted on 120lb watercolour paper, these mini art piecse measures a total of 3×4″ (7.62cm x 10.16 cm) with protective plastic casing included: $7.00 + S&H | Example

Commercial Art

Commercial work: $35.00 per hour

No limitations on complexity of environment designs, backgrounds, and number of characters or creatures.

Coding & Design

$35.00 per hour

Terms of Service

Unacceptable Requests
Sexual content*
Sexual violence
Sexualisation of minors

*adult nudity of a tasteful nature is acceptable


All payments are in USD and require the invoiced total paid upon approval of provided concept sketch. Payment methods accepted are PayPal, money order, or any major credit card. Processing fees may apply and, if applicable, itemisation is provided in your estimate.


You will be provided with a detailed sketch of your commission to be approved. Any and all revisions must occur in this phase. Once approved and paid for there are no refunds. Any requests for editing after this period will be charged $20.00 per edit.

I reserve the right to decline requests for any reason.